Moderation policies

Rational Painting's moderators work hard to sustain the goal of a high signal-to-noise ratio on the forum, and, where necessary, will do whatever is required to ensure that posts detrimental to the site's goals are handled appropriately, which may include editing or removing posts, locking or removing threads, splitting threads into separate topics, and warning or banning users who become problematic.

If you find that a post of yours has been removed or edited and you feel that it was done in error, use the forum's "private message" system to alert the moderators and explain your case.

While the moderators make every effort to be fair and even-handed in their actions, of course we are all human and sometimes a judgement call may be made that you disagree with. Remaining civil and polite in the event of a dispute will greatly improve the chances of a favorable resolution.

We are now introducing a formal warning system with a cumulative penalty-points system awarded for posts we consider off-topic, argumentative/rude, or irrational, with thresholds which will impact the members posting privileges for those who infringe the site rules.

We believe that spelling out all of this information beforehand will help new members get a handle on the way the site is run, and short-cut any problems with types of behaviour that is sometimes tolerated on other art forums, but not here. We have high expectations of our members, and will be quick to react whenever anything puts the site's good reputation and integrity at risk.